Global Branch Minutes Of AGM 2016

Global Branch 1370

Minutes of Annual General Meeting

of RAFA Global Branch 1370 held at 19.00hrs at

Newbury RBL, Haig House, Pelican Lane, Newbury, West Berkshire RG14 1NP

on Saturday 6th February 2016

Meeting declared open at 19.00hrs

The RAFA Dedication was read by Group Captain (Rtd) Nicky Loveday.
This was followed by two minutes silence

Apologies were read by the Branch Secretary & are attached at Appendix A

Chairman’s Address

Treasurer’s Report
Sir Dusty, Mr Mayor, Mr Chairman, members, ladies and gentlemen, this thankfully will be the only speech I will be giving you as the Treasurer of this branch as I hate reading out loud!!
Since the idea of setting up the branch was mentioned back in May of 2015 we have spent a grand total of £25-90, which must be an all time record low!!
Steve & I have set up 3 online business accounts in the branches name, a main account, a Wings Appeal Account & a Branch welfare Account. The incoming Treasurer will be granted access to these accounts.
In 2015, we raised £1400 for the RAFA Wings Appeal & this amount was transferred to them in October 2015. We have requested & await a rebate of 10% of this to our Welfare account to help pay for any Welfare costs in 2016.
We currently have £17-50 in our main account, £44-74 in our Wings Account & a balance of £0-00 in our Welfare Account.
I am informed by the Branch Secretary that based on our membership on the 31st December 2015 we should receive approximately some £500 in membership rebate, which will assist in the running of the branch & sending our delegate to the RAF Conference in May.
Based on that figure, the originally mentioned on Facebook, branch subscription will no longer be required. BUT!!! But we do have to realise that in order to make this branch viable, we do need to come up with some good ideas to raise branch funds since we do not have the benefit of raffles etc being held at monthly meetings. If not, a branch subscription might have to be introduced in the future.
These accounts will be passed over to the new Treasurer to be audited & then sent to RAFA CHQ in accordance with RAFA regulations.
I am pleased to say, here endeth my report.

Secretary’s Report
Sir Dusty, Mr Mayor, members, ladies & gentlemen. May I, first of all thank you for taking the time to join us on this important day in 1370’s short history. I must first pass on the apologises of the Chairman of the Steering Committee for his absence tonight but his wife fell down the stairs some two weeks ago suffering a broken collar bone, 14 broken ribs, fractured her cheek bone, had to have her ear stitched back on, has 16 stitches to a head wound and broken 2 vertebra in her back plus had surgery on her clavicle. Despite David’s protestations of innocence it has been proven that she suffered this accident whilst SLEEPWALKING!!! David is of course at home as her carer. We wish her a speedy recovery.
Right, it’s back to business then. This setting up of this branch & the AGM is a very major step in the growth of the branch & sends out a strong statement to the RAF Association that no matter how far spread ones membership is, it is possible for us to come together under one umbrella.
Since I accepted the challenge of setting a global online branch, I have been pleased with the amount of support I have received from RAFA itself & from the members of the branch as they joined. Admittedly as a branch we have had to jump through various logistical hoops totally different those that a static branch would have had to. But I honestly believe that the online branches will over a period of time start setting the standards that static branches will have to attempt to emulate. We could well find that certain rules & regulations will need rewriting or “tweeking” to take in the ever changing face of RAFA & online branches. Only time will shows us & the powers that be which rules are workable for the online branches.
We first started actually recruiting members to RAFA in preparation of being granted Branch status on the 1st July 2015. By the end of 2015 we had managed to recruit some 80+ full members & 18 associate members. Along with the transfer of 29 Life members & 20+ Full members from various Area Rolls & branches that they couldn’t attend for various reasons, we ended the year with some 153 members. To my knowledge ALL these members have now been transferred to the Global Branch. Since then we have added 4 more members & have a constant ongoing recruitment drive via different Facebook pages, which has given us another possible 20 members but history has shown although people show an initial interest only some 10-20% actually follow through to putting their hand in their pockets!! Our target for 2016 has to be to double our membership to 300 by the end of the year, a suitable task for our membership secretary.
One important thing for the branch is that when it was requested for volunteers to fill the positions on the branch committee, more than enough people put themselves forward so that it is not necessary for people to be doubling up on jobs. Indeed we are lucky enough to be in a situation that those people not voted into the main positions on the committee will form part of a team running that position & be in place to take over the position should it be required in the future.
Logistically, our branch committee will be challenged but I am certain that all those involved will be able to rise to the challenge. Technically, I believe the branch will be breaking new ground over the next 12 months, with hopefully “live” online committee meetings, plus an audio online feed for next year’s AGM etc.
It will be interesting over the next 12 months to what our social events team will come up with to help pull our membership together although I am sure that any event in Spain, Finland, America or Saudi Arabia would be very well attended!! Plans are already afoot for a branch visit to RAF Scampton Heritage Centre in May, more details of which will appear online in the near future.
Our Wings Appeal team also have a challenge ahead of them to better the £1400 raised in 2015 but I am certain that this amount of just £12.96 per full member will easily be beaten.
That concludes my report for 2015 & we will now proceed onto the election of the branch officers for the 2016 committee.
The Election of Committee Officers and members was conducted by the Branch Secretary ably assisted by Julie Mullis & Nicky Loveday.

The election of the Branch Committee was now held & the results of which are attached as Appendix B.

There were no resolutions submitted for consideration.

The President of RAFA, Air Marshall Sir Dusty Miller, then addressed the members & guests updating them on the possible difficulties that an online branch might face whilst offering his help to our Branch Committee should they require it.

Group Captain (Rtd) Nicky Loveday then advised all those present on the methods of dealing with any welfare challenges that the branch might be faced with.

The meeting was declared closed at 19.50hrs

The obligatory raffle raised £147 for branch funds.

Appendix A

Apologises Received From: –

David Routledge – Looking after wife after fall down stairs
Alan Flower – Just released from hospital with carer
Nick Vaughan
Robert Hina
Dave McAlister
Marilyn Roman
Fred Willshee
Mick Hill
Christopher Briggs
Nick Mitchener
Terry Knight
Steve Carlisle
Hugh Lamont
Paul Oliver
Nick Hugo
James Craig
Mick Westlake
Andy Fillingham
Ian Young
Kim Bartlett
Arthur Akrill
Robin Ward
John Thomson
Roger Brown
Charles Busby
Steve Rolfe
Danny Boxall
Karl Fairbrother
Peter Soffe
Brian Dolan
Tom Deakin
Trevor Roberts
Paul Thompson
Peter Keane
Kevin Knight
Anthony Robinson
Dave Doherty
Brian Roche
Ian Potton
Dean Zimmer
Brian Watling
Brian Montgomery MBE
Sam Pamm – Hi Steve, unfortunately I will be flying to Dubai on Saturday, return on 7th February and therefore unable to attend the AGM. Sorry

Phil Boulton –

Hi Steve, my wife, who is disabled, had a fall yesterday and has damaged her knee joint (she had the knee replaced recently). As she is immobile I have been trying to arrange for someone to stay with her tomorrow but have failed. In the circumstances I will have to apologise for my absence at the AGM. If proxy voting is allowed I give my proxy to the chairman of the AGM to use at his discretion! Still very keen to work as branch secretary and look forward to hearing from you in that regard. Best wishes.

Martin Tilbury –

Can I pass on my apologies, for being unable to attend the RAFA Global Branch 1370 inaugural AGM. Being one of the founder members I so wish we could have been there, but we fly back to Saudi Arabia for work on the 4th Feb. My wife, Barbara, & I wish you both & all members a great night, with friendships renewed & started. May the branch grow and prosper with friendship & love

Appendix B

Global Branch Committee 2016

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