RAF Association Global Branch – Help and Support in these Challenging Times

We understand that this is a difficult time for many, and we want to reassure members of the RAF Family and our Global RAF Association Branch that we are working hard to continue to help and support you during these challenging and uncertain times.

Around three-quarters of the RAF Family are aged over 65, many live at a distance from friends and family and are experiencing complex health and welfare challenges, often compounded by their age. Self-isolation is not making the situation any easier and is certainly increasing social isolation and loneliness.

The average age and health profile of the RAF Family means that many of you will fall into the vulnerable and high-risk category during this uncertain time.  Consequently, the RAF Association is setting up a number of new projects including a friendship helpline and emergency bag drops of vital provisions.

To access any of these new services below, please just call 0800 018 2361 or email opconnect@rafa.org.uk.

  • A friendship helpline that anyone in our RAF community can call if they are feeling isolated, in need of more specific support or simply want a chat with someone friendly who understands.
  • A daily RAF-themed online entertainment slot that people can look forward to as part of their routine while they are isolating, from quizzes to live-streamed sing-a-longs and armchair fitness sessions.  You can find details here: https://www.rafa.org.uk/operation-connect/operation-connect-entertainment/
  • Bag drops of vital provisions to the doorsteps of the most vulnerable members of our RAF family.


For our part, your Global Branch has decided to set up an outreach service run by volunteers which will proactively support members of our Branch, wherever they may be in the World, to check on their welfare and offer them regular contact (either using telephone calls, emails, video calls etc).  We are still putting the final details together of how the outreach service will work but initially we are making the service open to any members aged over 70 years old and also to anyone with underlying physical or mental health issues which means they are high risk and in quarantine or self-isolating themselves for an extended period. 

If you would like one of our volunteer Branch Outreach Team to contact you on a regular basis during this crisis, please register by sending an email with the following details to outreach.rafaglobalbranch1370@gmail.com **: or use the Outreach Contact Form

Don’t forget to add –

  • Your name:

  • Geographic location: (e.g. UK/New Zealand)

  • Preferred method of contact: telephone or email or video call or other

  • Contact information: e.g. your phone number or email address

  • Preferred time of contact: morning or afternoon or evening

** The RAFA Global Branch is committed to protecting your personal data and ensuring it is processed fairly and lawfully. Information you provide will be processed in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations and will be kept confidential and only used for the purpose of contacting you as part of the Branch Outreach Service.  We will aim to contact you within 7 days of you registering to be part of our Branch Outreach service.  We will do our best to communicate with you using your preferred method and time of contact but please note that this may not always be possible.  If in the future you no longer wish to be contacted regularly by the Branch, please just let us know and we will delete any personal information, just relating to the Outreach service, we hold about you.

Together we will get through these difficult and challenging days.

Kind regards

Steve M

Mr S G Mullis

Branch Chairman

1370 Global Branch


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