Chairman’s Challenge for 2019

Details for the next Chairman’s Challenge can be found here on Facebook


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The first Chairman’s Challenge for 2019

  Brew for the Few



Please ignore the dates showing as this event runs from NOW until the end of October 2019. When you hold your event is up to you!!!!!

This is something ALL members can take part in.
With over 250 branch members, if everyone raised a minimum of £10 or its equivalent then there is £2,500 raised for next year’s Wings Appeal no matter where you live in the world.

Making a donation of £10 does NOT count as the object is to involve your friends & family who might not know of the good work that RAFA does!!

Please just click on the Going option to confirm you are going to be taking part. Once you have held your event just let me know & I can let you know where to pay the money into!!

Lets make this a Global tea, coffee, beer or wine party!!!!!

The RAF Association’s Brew for the Few is a fundraising initiative where you can raise money by holding your very own tea party.
Guests simply make a donation in return for a much-needed cup of tea or delicious slice of cake.
It’s a great way to get involved in raising funds for the Wings Appeal whilst catching up with friends, family or colleagues at the same time.
You can even extend the event further and invite members of your local community to join you for a brew.
The name “Brew for the Few” comes from ‘brew’ – the term commonly used by RAF personnel for their cup of tea and ‘few’ – the name commonly given to the Battle of Britain pilots who sacrificed so much in World War II.
You can download a full resource pack giving you a guide on how to run a Brew for the Few below.

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