Monthly Quiz Aug 2020

  1. Epilation is the removal of what?
  2. Lexus is the luxury vehicle division of which well-known car manufacturer?
  3. What is the official air traffic control call sign of a USAF aircraft carrying the US President?
  4. Which planet in our solar system has the ‘Great Red Spot’ in its atmosphere?
  5. What is the only EU member-country that has exactly 9 letters in its common English name?
  6. by Captain Cook in 1770, in which country would you find a mountain range called the Southern Alps?
  7. The first three finals in the Open Era of the men’s singles championship at Wimbledon were completely populated by men from which country?
  8. Prime Minister’s Questions in the UK is normally held on which day of the week? (Officially: ‘Questions to the Prime Minister’)
  9. many wooden blocks are in a standard, original game of ‘Jenga’? (+/- 3)
  10. Who wrote the novel ‘Gone with the Wind’, first published in 1936?
  11. Also the title of a 2008 film, what was the codename for a 1944 operation to assassinate Adolf Hitler?
  12. Correctly spell the skin complaint pronounced EX-muh.

Answers next month…

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