RAFA Global Branch 1370 AGM 2020 Weekend

Social Evening Meal – Friday 28th February 2020

If required, I can arrange, like in 2019, for an evening meal at the Premier Inn’s accompanying restaurant. Please respond to this posting by clicking here to show your attendance/interest ASAP, so I can obtain a copy of the menu and the reservation of tables etc.

Branch Trip to the Shuttleworth Collection 29th February 2020

There is the option of holding a branch visit to The Shuttleworth Collection and/or The Swiss Garden during the Saturday daytime, if sufficient people are interested. Please respond to this posting by clicking here to show your attendance/interest ASAP so I can organise a group discount.

Group discount prices are shown below.

Link: https://www.shuttleworth.org/

SUMMER ADMISSION (groups of 10 or more paying adults)

From Saturday 15th February 2020 (09:30am to 17:00pm, last admission 16:00pm)

  • The Collection – £12.00pp
  • The Swiss Garden – £6.50pp
  • The Collection & Swiss Garden Combined – £15.50pp

Annual General Meeting Saturday 29th February 2020 at 19.00 hours.

Location: St Neots RAFA Club, 44 Huntingdon Street, St Neots, PE19 1DU

Link: http://www.stneotsdirectory.co.uk/RAFA.htm

Website: The branch does not have its own website

The AGM will be held within the RAFA Club at St Neots. Please note that this room is limited, by Fire Regs, to 120 persons, and can be split into 2 discreet rooms.  We are able to use both halves for a “Before” and “After” social, splitting it into two for the AGM.  The lounge bar will be open during the evening from whatever time is required. The Club house will be open from 1300 for any set up that we may require & it goes without saying that our members will be welcome in the Members bar during the afternoon and in the evening if your members prefer it. We will be arranging with the clubs Bar Steward for a buffet for which there will be a nominal charge per person attending the AGM.


There is a choice of hotels within a couple of hundred yards of each other. We have stayed in one of them, the two storey one, St. Neots (Colmworth Park), currently at £61-50 for two nights, which is the one we personally will be going back to, as it has possibly slightly better access despite there being no lift. The three storey one, St. Neots (A1/Wyboston), currently at £59-00 for two nights, is closer to the A1 main road and noise “might” be a problem. The choice is obviously yours and currently there is just a £2-50p difference in the price for two nights. There is also the option of your using Wyboston Lakes Training Centre Hotel, which is slightly more up market than a Premier Inn, their current price, via Booking.com, is £108 for 2 people for the same 2 nights. I have stayed there and it is very nice.

Hotel Links:

  St. Neots (Colmworth Park)

St. Neots (A1/Wyboston) 

  Wyboston Lakes Training Centre

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